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The Reflections range of glass pool mosaics use the latest Italian Hotmelt Mounting System. The UV Resistant Polyurethane (PU) Thermo adhesive is precisely applied to ensure straight and even alignment of the stones, with no protrusion between the stones, allowing for full and even penetration of grout. The Hotmelt Mounting ensures a sturdy mosaic sheet, wet or dry, yet supple enough to conform to all pool shapes. This Hotmelt Mounting System also allows maximum adhesion, with CSIRO test results showing an average of 93% available adhesion contact area, easily exceeding  the Australian Standards, and makes it the perfect choice for the extreme challenges of our weather patterns.


Glass Tile Installation

It is recommended that all work is carried out by licensed contractors experienced in the laying of mosaic tiles.

Our mosaic tiles be fixed utilising:

  • The floating method of installation (removing voids by flattening mortar ridges before setting tile as these may be visible through the glass.

  • either a combined epoxy grout and adhesive , or

  • a thick bed combined latex fortified cementitious grout and adhesive.

Mosaics need to be stored in a clean dry space. Do not allow the tiles to get wet or damp prior to installation.

The grout and adhesives used are to be chemically resistant and suitable for use externally in full immersion with none or low porous materials.

Glass mosaic tiles are translucent. We therefore recommend that grout and adhesives are of the same colour. The use of contrasting or different colours may result in the consumer’s expectations not being met. In general, a mock up is suggested to confirm the final appearance of tile-mortar combination. 


Do not use abrasive cleaners and chemicals, which could permanently scratch and damage the surface of the tile. For daily cleaning, it is recommended to use a wet sponge and clean water, mild detergent, glass cleaner or a neutral PH solution. Acid or alkalis chemicals should not be used. No claims will be accepted under any circumstances for resultant glaze damage where acid washing has occurred. Also, abrasive materials are not recommended as they may scratch the tile.


Tiles are only one component of a much larger building system, and in general, the failure of any tiling system is very often the result of a combination of factors. For example: inappropriate design, type of substrate, surface preparation, temperature during installation, adhesives, incompatibility of products, product failure, environmental factors, skill and knowledge of the installers etc; the latter being supplied or controlled by a variety of manufacturers and tradesman. It is the responsibility of the project manager and or the installer to ensure that all components used in a project are compatible and that the product is installed in accordance with the Australian Consumer law, the Australian Building Code and the Australian Standards.

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